Personalised Care


What is personalised care?

‘Personalised Care gives people more choice and control over how their mental and physical health and care needs are met.’

Personalised care is about people having choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered, based on ‘what matters to me’, recognising the importance of an individual’s strengths. For this to happen we need to work together as communities, professional services and health and care systems.

The first step is making sure that we know ‘It’s okay to ask’ questions about our care.

For more information about Personalised Care, please visit NHS England's website:

We are currently developing a Herefordshire and Worcestershire strategy for personalised care and would like your input. If you would like to have your say on how services can best meet your needs, please visit:


Your Health, Your Conversation

ok to ask

We would like everyone to be actively involved in decisions about their care and treatment. We want everyone to know that it is ok to ask questions if they are unsure about their health and care.  Each individual is the expert on what matters to them and should be supported to make decisions based on their individual needs.


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