'HANDi Paediatric' app (Worcestershire)


Parents, carers and healthcare professionals can access expert advice about common childhood illnesses and how to treat them via a mobile app, called HANDi App. It is free and can be downloaded to any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Developed and approved by Paediatric Consultants, the HANDi App provides expert advice on how best to manage the six most common childhood illnesses; diarrhoea and vomiting, high temperature, chestiness (baby and child), newborn problems and stomach pain.

The 'HANDi Paediatric' App aims to give parents and carers more confidence in dealing with minor conditions at home.

It's easy to use as it takes the user through a series of questions about the symptoms their child is experiencing and then advises on the best course of action, whether that's to treat at home, make a GP appointment or to go to A&E.

Handi App also contains useful information on coronavirus for parents and families, as well as primary care professionals, including what to do if a child has symptoms.

To download the free HANDi App, please use the following link:

Download HANDi Poster

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use the HANDi App?

    Parents and carers
    The HANDi App is an information support tool for parents and carers looking after children with the most common childhood illnesses. Each of the six common childhood illnesses listed in the app has a home care plan to help parents and carers provide the best support for their child as well as advice about when they should seek further help where necessary.

    Healthcare professionals
    The HANDi App can support healthcare professionals who are seeing unwell children in their homes, GP surgeries and acute community hospital settings. Each illness guideline has a series of questions to support healthcare professionals in providing the best and most appropriate care for the child.

  • What are the common childhood illnesses covered by the App?

    The conditions covered are:

    • Diarrhoea and vomiting
    • High temperature
    • Chestiness - baby and child (bronchiolitis, asthma, wheeze, and croup)
    • Newborn problems
    • Stomach pain
  • How is the App downloaded?
    • Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
    • Search for 'Handi Paediatric' and download – it's free
    • Open the app and select your local area: click on ‘Worcestershire’
  • How does the App work?

    The App takes the user through a series of questions about the symptoms the child is experiencing and then advises on the best course of action such as whether to treat at home, make a GP appointment, attend a minor injuries unit or walk-in centre or to head to A&E.

  • Who developed the App?

    The HANDi app was originally created by Paediatric Consultants at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

  • When will the App be available for Herefordshire?

    The Handi App for Herefordshire is currently in development and will be available in 2022.